Who are Shopper Anonymous?

Shopper Anonymous is an independent mystery shopping group. It provides businesses with constructive feedback on the service they deliver to their customers.

Shopper Anonymous has a team of Service Consultants who visit businesses and record the experience from a customer's viewpoint. This concept is traditionally known as 'mystery shopping'.

Shopper Anonymous has revitalised this concept with a fresh innovative approach. Not only is feedback of the experience provided, but constructive comments are also offered to help businesses improve their customer service and increase profits.

Shopper Anonymous Feedback systems were developed through expertise gained by Jonathan Winchester at Harrods in London. These have since been successfully implemented within a large range of businesses across Australia.

Would you like to know how to...

Increase your profits?

More than two thirds of customers who leave a business do so due to lack of quality service. We can improve your service, increasing both the retention rate and the number of new customers and thus increase your profits.

Find out what your customers really think?

We provide unbiased feedback based on the customer experience. We tell it as it really is!

Identify your strengths and weaknesses?

You can request that we visit your opposition and feedback to you the customer service they deliver.

Motivate your staff to deliver outstanding service?

Our reports have a scoring system so you can set goals and reward staff for excellent performance.

Identify your individual training needs?

We also include suggested training needs based on the service experience.

Receive an expert's viewpoint of your businesses level of service?

All of our consultants have retail or management expertise and are, therefore, able to supply feedback on your experience.